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How do I contact my Elected officials ?
Where can I find the office to pay my utility bills ?
Can I pay my utility bill online? What about going paperless?
Where do I get Garbage Bags?
Where can I get Recycle Bins?
I have a good amount of garbage at my home, can I get a dumpster ?
How do I go about getting items on Channel 5

How do I contact my elected officials ?

All of the City elected officials are listed on our City Council web page. Additionally Elected officials have a mailbox in City Hall and can receive letters there if sent to the following address:

City Hall
603 W. 10th Street
Rock Falls, IL 61071-2854

Please feel free to contact any of the City Council through the main offices at City Hall by phone (815) 622-1100 or fax (815) 622-1113.

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Where can I find the office to pay my utility bills ?

Utility Bills can be paid at the City's customer service office located in City Hall at 603 W. 10th Street.  The office is normally open Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm.

The office has a drive up window as well as walk-in services, and also has a night deposit box that is accessible next to our drive up window which is located off of 7th Avenue just south of the West 10th and 7th Avenue intersection. 

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Can I pay my utility bill online? What about going paperless?

The City of Rock Falls is pleased to announce our new online bill payment system. This system, provided by Payment Service Network, will allow customers to view old bills, receive email alerts when a new bill has posted, completely opt out of their paper bills and of course pay their bill online with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or through a one-time direct withdrawal from their checking or savings account.

For more information click on the Payment Service network image below, or simply utilize the link at the top of the page on the right marked "Pay Utilities".

Payment Service Network

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Where do I get Garbage Bags?

City of Rock Falls Garbage bags are sold at many retailers in both Rock Falls and also the City of Sterling.  They are available for $7 for a sleeve of 5 white 32-gallon bags, or $7 for a sleeve of 10 16-gallon green bags

Currently the following stores carry our garbage bags:

Rock Falls Wal-Mart
1901 1st Avenue
Rock Falls
(815) 626-6800

Sterling Wal-Mart Super Center
4115 E Lincoln Way
(815) 626-7200

Grummert's Hardware-Rock Falls
112 1st Avenue
Rock Falls
(815) 625-2040


Grummert's Hardware-Sterling l
424 Locust St.
(815) 625-2587


Walgreen Drug Store
1700 1st. Ave.
Rock Falls
(815) 626-9560

County Market
 21 W 3rd
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Where can I get Recycle Bins?

The Recycle bins are available from the Customer Service office at City Hall.  New homes that are built in the city are provided one for free.  People looking to replace missing or damaged ones have to pay for the bins, which as of March 6, 2008 are $9 a piece.

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I have a good amount of garbage at my home, can I get a dumpster?

Residents are disallowed by ordinance from having a dumpster at their residence all-year round.  However residents can get a permit for a dumpster for $5 at the City Clerk's office.  This permit allows any size dumpster to be placed on a residential lot within the City for 30 days.  After the 30 days are up, then a resident can get another permit.  Only two permits will be issued to any residence for any one year.

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How do I go about getting items on Channel 5?

Channel 5 is a community service channel provided by the local cable provider.  Normally it runs City Council meetings, and Planning Commission meetings.  During other times the City runs a PowerPoint presentation that continuously runs with public information.

To get on Channel 5 you have to meet two guidelines.  First your event must be a community benefit, such as a bake sale to assist a local church, fund raising for the Lions club, or other items.  No sale of personal items, or personal well-wishing is allowed on Channel 5.  The other item you need to get on Channel 5 is a contact person for your item.  Many times people will read a slide and want more information, to make sure the information is correct we ask that events have a contact name number to go with it, so people can get the latest information on the many events that are listed.

Once you have met the above two requirements, then you can submit your information:

Robbin Blackert, City Administrator
Phone (815) 564-1366
Fax (815) 622-1109. 

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